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Cybercrimes are offenses that involve the use of computers and the internet. As such, these can sometimes be tried as federal cases, with enhanced penalties compared to state sentencing. Whatever the specifics of the accusations against you entail, you need to act quickly to get an experienced attorney working on your defense as quickly as possible. At The Law Office of Benjamin W. Zushin, we can help you pursue the best outcome possible, whether you've been charged with a first-time offense or a repeat charge. Our Akron cybercrime lawyer can work tirelessly to fight for your rights and protect your interests.

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Cybercrime Charges We Can Defend Against

Our Akron criminal defense firm is ready to help you fight cybercrime charges related to:

  • Phishing scams
  • Ransomware
  • Malware
  • Hacking
  • Identity theft
  • Cyber-stalking
  • And more

Attorney Zushin understands the complexities of cybercrimes as well as how prosecutors approach cases like these. No case is too challenging or demanding for us to take on. Don't wait to find out how we may be able to fight for you.

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We can help you fight the evidence brought against you by using such strategies as challenging the:

  • Legality of the search
  • Admissibility of any evidence
  • Authenticity of any evidence
  • Reliability of the evidence

If you have been charged with a cybercrime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you protect your rights. With cybercrimes leaving traces on computers and the internet itself, the prosecution will likely have collected a lot of evidence against you. However, you do not have to simply accept the evidence against you. Attorney Zushin has the insider knowledge to combat the prosecution's case and help you fight for your freedom.

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